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Help Pass Bill 3

The Cutting Red Tape for Motor Vehicle Dealers Act will save Ontario new car dealers time and money, and help make lives easier for families and customers. Email Your MPPLearn More

“Bill 3 reflects the reality of the world we live in, where just about every transaction can be done on a smart phone. We can use the same technology to create a secure system and reduce red tape for auto dealers. It’s not like we’re steering down an untravelled road.”

Steve Clark, MPP


“If we can make life easier for anyone in the automotive industry, make it easier for them to sell the cars we build, then we want to stand up for that and make it happen. That’s why I’ll be supporting this bill. Let’s…stand up for the automotive sector in our great province.”

Percy Hatfield, MPP


“This bill proposes to make it easier for motor vehicle dealers to get a permit, number plates, sticker validations and used vehicle information packages, all online. This is certainly something that, in the 21st century that we find ourselves in, is the direction we should be going.”

Peter Milczyn, MPP


Watch this short video to learn how Ontario’s new “Cutting The Red Tape” act, affecting both new car dealers and customers across the province.

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How Will Bill 3 Help You?

If passed, Bill 3 (formerly Bill 152) would allow dealers the option to license and register vehicles online, from their dealership. There would be no need to have your staff physically visit a licensing office to drop off and pickup paperwork.

It would all be done online – saving your dealership valuable time and money. Your customers also win too – they would experience hardly any delay after signing on the bottom line since your dealership can licence and register the vehicle – rather than relying on a licensing office and their business hours.

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What is Bill 3, the Cutting Red Tape for Motor Vehicle Dealers Act?

Bill 3, the Cutting Red Tape for Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, is a proposed law introduced in the Ontario Legislature by Leeds-Grenville MPP, Steve Clark. If passed, the Bill would allow automobile dealers to licence and register vehicle online, from their dealership – eliminating the need to physically transport paperwork to a licensing office. You can read the Bill here.

What happened to Bill 152, and why is it now called Bill 3?

Bill 152 and Bill 3 are the exact same pieces of legislation. Premier Wynne decided to “prorogue” the Ontario Legislature in September. Prorogue is a parliamentary term used to describe a new session of parliament. (Think of it as hitting the reset button).

And since a new session has now begun, all parliamentary business was wiped clean, including Bills. That means Bill 152 has to start at the very beginning of the legislative process – a very long road.

Bill 152 is now known as Bill 3 because MPP Steve Clark has re-introduced the Bill in this new session of Parliament. In fact, he re-introduced it on the very first day MPPs were able to introduce legislation.

If Bill 3 passes, does that mean a full Service Ontario office will be placed in my dealership?

No. Bill 152 would allow for dealers to register and licence vehicles themselves through an online portal from their dealership – eliminating the need to physically transport the paperwork to a licensing office. If the eventual program reflects the Quebec model, dealers would stock licence plates and validation tags in the dealership for use upon completion of a vehicle sale. With that said, if a dealer wishes to have a Service Ontario office in their dealership, there is nothing stopping them from applying to the province today.

If Bill 3 passes, will my dealership be mandated to provide in-house licensing?

No. It would be optional. Quebec and PEI allow optional in-dealership licensing for new car dealers.

If Bill 3 passes, does that mean anyone (including the general public) can come into my dealership and get new licence plates, and val tags?

That’s not what Bill 152 is intended to do. We intend Bill 152, and its subsequent regulations, to only allow dealers to licence the vehicles they sell or lease.

If Bill 3 becomes law, how much will providing in-house licensing cost my dealership?

Financial details and any contractual agreements, etc will be done through regulations. The first step is to pass Bill 152, and then regulations will be developed, as is tradition when making law in Ontario.